Cheap TLD .com only 2$
As You Can See .com only 2$

What you need to know before buying Cheap TLD .com

  1. I don’t know when this event end, but this Cheap TLD .com event still open.
  2. This is only 1-time purchase only.
  3. You can repeat or buy with some tips

Tools you need before start

  • Free Profile Generator, I am not affiliated with this, but I use these tools for 5 years.
  • Free VPN, I am not affiliated with this too, but 10GB each month is good for my research.
  • Use only real email to register, don’t use fake or disposable email, because this is for your security.

2$ .com for what?

Make a good money site.

Create PBN for your money site.

Buy some domain for your ex? WTF? Please, you can use this domain for your digital marketing purpose.

Step to buy 2$ Cheap TLD .com

  • If you want to buy more than 1 domain, use VPN each transaction or when create account.
  • Register account, you can use fake name generator to register multiple accounts, as I said above, this is only valid for 1 transaction / domain only.
  • This need email verification.
  • Process until on chart, uncheck WHOIS feature and you will buy around 2.07$ as far as I know, and set to 1 year.

And this is it, you can get a .com domain for only 2$, click the image below to buy.

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