To compete in the first rank in the search results, it takes a strong effort, besides making useful and high-quality articles, there are still many other businesses that must be done, one of which is to provide a backlink to your blog. So this is 29 Niche Backlinks May 2019 for you.

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  1. Art & Entertainments
  2. Baby & Parenting
  3. Business & Finance
  4. Car & Automotive
  5. Computer & Technology
  6. Dating & Relationship
  7. Electronic & Technology
  8. Family
  9. Fashion & Shopping
  10. Food & Cooking
  11. Games
  12. General
  13. Health & Fitness
  14. House & Home Improvement
  15. Insurance
  16. Internet Marketing
  17. Jewelry
  18. Jobs & Career
  19. Law & Legal
  20. News
  21. Online Shopping
  22. Pets & Animal
  23. Real Estate
  24. Science & Education
  25. Sports
  26. Travel & Leisure
  27. Website & Web Design
  28. Wedding
  29. Woman & Beauty
  30. All Niche


Backlinks are so relevant to increase blog authority, and techniques to provide quality backlinks are also highly recommended by well-known bloggers. If you are currently confused about finding ways to increase rankings on search engines, you should try to provide backlinks on your website.

29 Niche Backlinks

What is 29 Niche Backlinks?

A backlink is a link from a website to another website, which allows users to navigate from a certain point on the internet to the page you are looking for in your browser. Backlinks are one of the most used words in search engine optimization because backlinks make a significant impact on the advantages of a website in search results on search engines. This is why backlinks are considered very useful for increasing a website’s SEO ranking. Search engines calculate rankings using several factors to display search results. No one knows for sure how much weight backlinks give results in search engines, but what is certain is that backlinks are essential for SEO and the success of your online business.

Below is a list of general terms related to 29 Niche Backlinks that you need to know:

Link Juice From 29 Niche Backlinks

Link Juice: When a web page links to an article or homepage of your website or an incoming link is often referred to as an inbound link. This link juice can help rank articles, and also increase domain authority.

Nofollow Link

Nofollow Link: When a website links to another website, but the link has a nofollow tag, this link is not considered as link juice. nofollow links are useless about page rank because they don’t contribute anything. In general, webmasters use nofollow tags when they connect to irrelevant sites. Example: Link from comments on other blogs.

Dofollow Link

Dofollow link: By default, all links that you add in a blog post are dofollow links or links to follow, and this passes link juice.

Linking Root Domain

Linking Root Domain: This link refers to the number of backlinks that go to your website from a unique primary domain name. Even if a website has been linked to your website ten times, it will be considered a link from one root domain.


Low-QualityLink: low-quality links are links that come from harvested sites, automated sites, spam sites or even pornographic sites. These links do far more harm than good. This is one reason you have to be careful when buying backlinks.

Internal Link

Internal Link: Links that go from one page to another in the same domain are called internal links, and the process itself is called linking as internal. As you connect your article one to another article.

Anchor Text

Anchor Text: Text used for hyperlinks is called anchor text. Backlinks with Anchor text work great when you try to optimize for better search results with specific keywords.

Try To get Natural Backlinks

Above are some terms regarding links which are often referred to in backlinks. You need to know that backlinks must be obtained; naturally, this means that a website does not have to use artificial ways to make backlinks for your website. The quality of this 29 Niche Backlinks is far more critical than quantity. You can get quality backlinks for your blog from writing useful articles that make other bloggers enter your blog as a source of your writing, or you can comment on relevant blogs and submit your URL to web directories.


Example: Website A is a restaurant and gets a backlink from the leading website B that discusses food reviews. This is a valuable, natural and relevant backlink obtained by Website A.

Some reasons why backlinks are essential:

Backlinks have two effects, bad and good for your site, depending on the sentiment and relevance of the link. So, if this 29 Niche Backlinks points to a page that has low quality, this hurts your page.

Users can visit your site via links, as well as web crawlers that help index the web for search engines. Therefore Links are related to driving traffic to your site.

Backlinks become your page reinforcement for better results in search engines.

The World Wide Web, or “WWW” for the short term is a network of web pages that are connected through hyperlinks. Every hyperlink that connects to a new document adds to the overall growth of the web. Search engines make it easy for you to find these web pages. A web page linked by many other web pages on the same topic is considered better and more valuable. So backlinks are not only crucial for websites to get respect, but backlinks are also crucial for search engines and the whole of the entire world wide web.

The WordPress admin dashboard also has a widget called Incoming Links. This widget displays links to websites from other sites, especially blogs. Use Google blog search results to display links. There is another free backlink checker tool available online that can be used to see how many pages link to a particular page.

Bonus Free Expired Domain List

Bonus Free Expired Domain List